March 9 | 2019 | Baton Rouge, LA

Amazing 5K Course

The AMAZING 5K Course will start on North Blvd at Town Square in Downtown Baton Rouge, La.  It will take a nice long downhill right at the start and continue down rolling North Blvd.  The only elevation change worth noting is the North Street Overpass, just before mile 1 (outbound) and just past mile 2 (inbound), where runners have been known to enjoy the delicious aroma of bread baking nearby. The race will turn onto N. 19th St, and the first pass at the water stop at Dufroq Elementary School occurs at approximately mile 1.25.  Runners take a quick tour of the Garden District and turn at Cherokee St to head back in passing the water stop again at mile 1.75.  The finish line awaits our 5K runners back at Town Square.


Flat 1.32 miles (42.5%)
Downhill 0.88 miles (28.1%)
Uphill 0.91 miles (29.3%)
Longest Uphill 0.15 miles (at 1.44 miles)
Steepest Uphill +6.7% (at 0.47 miles)
Longest Downhill 0.21 miles (at 0.65 miles)
Steepest Downhill -6.7% (at 2.05 miles)
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